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Policy & Guidelines for Union County Foundation “Frontier Funds”
  • The intent is to encourage the establishment of named Funds in situations where the $5000 minimum balance is an obstacle.
  • The program requires scheduled contributions resulting in structured Fund balance growth over time.
  • Minimum balance is $500
  • At least every 6 months (Jan.1 and June 1) a structured contribution of at least $100 must be added to the Fund.
  • 100% of distributions are to benefit Union Co. residents and/or organizations.
  • The Fund shall receive no interest credits until it becomes a “stand alone” established Fund as defined by carrying a $5000 balance for a continuous 6 month period.
  • The Fund shall not be assessed Admin. fees until the balance reaches $5000 during any quarterly billing cycle.
  • If contribution requirements are not met the Fund will: 1.) be transferred to a similar Fund designated at the time of establishment or 2.) be liquidated and distributed in accordance with the Fund agreement.
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